Standard Deviation for each Poker Variant

Here are the standard deviations for each type of game (per 100 hands or 100 tournaments). You can introduce these values directly into the Staking EV spreadsheet of the previous post.


Number of players Standard Deviation (in buy-ins)
2 7.7
6 14.4
9 18.1
10 19.3
45 45.5
90 67.6
180 100.5
360 149.3
500 180.1
1000 267.5

Cash Games:

Standard Deviations of cash games(in big blinds)
Cash NL SH 80
Cash NL FR 50
Cash FL FR 17

The Staking EV Spreadsheet has these values there, and you can calculate the standard deviation for a tournament with any number of players.

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